My Top 3 Tips for clearer skin

My Top 3 Tips for clearer skin

I have a holistic approach to maintaining healthy skin. I believe that it is just as important to have a good skincare regime as it is to nourish our skin from within. This means, that we have to fuel our bodies with nutritious, healthy food and that in turn will have a positive impact on our skin health.

My first top tip

most important; eat an abundance of skin foods and a healthy, balanced diet, i.e almonds, oily fish, chia seeds, sweet potato, sunflower seeds, bell peppers. All of the above play an important role in maintaining a clear skin due to their high levels of anti-oxidant rich vitamins A and E, and skin strengthening fatty acids. Most of us aren’t getting enough Omega 3 fatty acids in to our diet, so I would recommend to invest in a good quality supplement.

My 2nd tip

Find the right products for your skin type! Once you have achieved this sometimes difficult task, you must cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day.
Find a cleanser that doesn’t dry out the skin therefore causing it to produce more oil and clog the pores.People underestimate the use of a toner, it’s essential, especially for oily or spot prone skin. It balances out the skin’s pH levels after cleansing, helps to close pores and adds a layer of protection from impurities. Moisturise both day and night to keep skin protected from free radicals and environmental damage and increase hydration levels for a soft, supple complexion. Again, choose the right one for your skin type. If you’re prone to breakouts choose a oil free or lightweight lotion. Salicylic acid products will help to fight breakouts. Hyaluronic Acid is a good ingredient that helps us retain water and keep our natural moisture levels at an optimum balance.

My 3rd tip

Seek facials with an experienced facialist as regularly as possible! My Signature Facial is the ideal starting point. It uses Galvanic micro current and blue light therapy, along with other electrical modalities, to treat underlying congestion, soothe irritation, refine pores and delay signs of ageing. It begins with a thorough cleanse, steam and exfoliation. I then customise the rest of the facial to address your concerns and tackle problem areas. LED light therapy is particularly good, due to its anti bacterial properties, to deep cleanse the skin and stimulate skin rejuvenation.
I offer free consultations to those of you that want to discuss your individual skin concerns. I look forward to treating you!