CACI 60 mins:

The highly sought after CACI treatment is a non-invasive surgical facelift. It uses a mild micro current to stimulate and re-educate muscle tone.

We begin the facial with a thorough cleanse then introduce the CACI technique, starting with the jowl area and working our way up the face to the eyes and hair line, using our roller bar and probes. The probes are used to pick up the muscles and send the micro current in to the deeper layers of the skin. Once all the muscles of the face have been treated, I begin the ‘feathering phase’ – I apply an intensive moisturising product to the skin, and use galvanic current to help the product penetrate in to the deeper layers, nourishing it from the inside, out.

The CACI micro current is comfortable and safe. It can be used to target areas of ageing and help to lift the muscles and firm the face. This facial has a huge celebrity following and I have a regular repeat client base for this treatment, which shows its ability to deliver results.

Its great for a skin ‘pick-me-up’ pre or post night out! Skin is left truly glowing as it visibly reduces wrinkles and lines after just one treatment. For longer lasting results, a course of 10-15 treatments is recommended.

60 mins £75

CACI Ultra 90 mins:

The CACI Ultra treatment is the ultimate anti-ageing facial. It combines the original CACI treatment with Ultrasonic Peeling and LED Light Therapy to deliver advanced anti-ageing results. The CACI micro current is used to stimulate muscle tone and firm the face, whilst the Ultrasonic Peeling exfoliates the skin and encourages cell regeneration. Red Light Therapy targets wrinkles for skin rejuvenation and Blue Light is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, so it tackles breakouts and heals blemishes. All of this combined really does deliver truly amazing results and leaves skin toned and blemish-free.

CACI Ultra
90 mins £100

I start the CACI Ultra with a thorough cleanse and exfoliation. The Ultrasonic Peeling vibrates at 25,000 vibrations per second to lift away dead skin cells and leave the skin feeling clean and smooth. The CACI technique is then used to target each muscle of the face. I can focus on areas of concern and customise the treatment according to signs of ageing. I then use Red light to target the wrinkles and soften your fine lines. Red light therapy involves emitting red, low-light wavelengths through the skin to stimulate cell renewal, boost collagen and blood flow. Blue light therapy is then used to heal the skin and sooth redness and blemishes. I complete the facial with the ‘feathering phase’, which aids in product penetration, so we use a micro current to push the moisturiser in to the deeper layers of the skin. The end result is a firmer, lifted, nourished and pore-refined skin.

taryn-aesthetic-CACI Jowl lift

CACI Jowl Lift

The CACI Jowl Lift is a 30 minute targeted treatment that focuses only on the Jowls. It uses the CACI micro current, with the new Jowl probes, to stimulate and lift the muscles around the Jowl area. The CACI micro current activates the muscles tone, therefore, immediately lifting and firming the area you choose to work on.
The Jowl Lift targets only the lower half of the face and neck area.
The CACI treatment is comfortable and painless but extremely effective. It’s the perfect skin pick-me-up prior to a night out! You will achieve an instant lift, but for long term results a course of 10-12 treatments is recommended, in close proximity.
It’s ideal for those concerned with Nasolabial lines known as ‘smile lines’ and loss of firmness around the jaw line. This treatment works well when used in conjunction with the Radio Frequency or Endospheres Therapy for more advanced, targeted anti-ageing.

CACI Jowl Lift
30 minutes £40

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