Lash Perfect Individual eyelash extensions are the perfect way to enhance your eyes. Whether you are looking to enhance them naturally or dramatically, I have a wide choice of different lash curls, lengths and thicknesses to suit your requirements. The lash extensions are made of silk and are applied directly to your natural lashes to get the desired effect.

The Lash Perfect eyelash brand are the market-leading lash company and they supply the finest medical grade lash adhesive, so when applied professionally, the extensions will not cause damage to your natural lashes. They feel light and comfortable on the eye and cause no irritation.

I offer both the Classic and Russian technique. The Classic technique sees the application of one individual lash extension on to each natural lash. The Russian technique is a layering technique which involves adhering multiple, ultra-fine lashes on to a single natural lash creating a more voluminous, yet lightweight look.

Feel safe in the knowledge that I am expertly trained in each innovative technique so sit back and relax whilst I create the look you desire. I will advise you on which technique and lash you should choose based on the condition of your natural eyelashes. If you have particularly sensitive eyes, please do book in for a patch test at least 24 hours prior to your lash appointment.

You must avoid getting water on the eyelashes for 48 hours after the synthetic lashes have been applied. I would also recommend to avoid any oils around the eye area the entire time that you have your lashes on.

A full set of lash extensions will last approximately 4 weeks

Eyelash Extensions Full Set
90 minutes £95

January 2021
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