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The Dermalogica Prescription facial is a unique skincare treatment which begins with a thorough Face Mapping Dermalogica skin analysis.

The face is divided into fourteen zones and I use touch and sight to examine each zone and customise your facial based on my findings.
The Dermalogica Face Mapping analysis allows us to address every condition, whether it be congestion, dehydration, breakouts, sensitivity, hyper-pigmentation, I can then prescribe the appropriate products to target your needs.
A mild steam is used to warm the skin whilst we cleanse and exfoliate, along with the selected products, this will encourage the pores to open preparing them for extractions, should you need them. After a thorough cleanse, steam, and exfoliation, we begin the face and neck massage. To optimise the massage, I will blend specific essential oils with the massage cream to continue to address skin concerns. The face and neck massage is a truly indulgent experience, I focus on the lymphatic drainage system to aid in skin detoxification and the stimulation of cell renewal. Pressure points are released to help eliminate tension and promote wellbeing. The skin is left brighter, firmer and visibly hydrated.
The next step in the Dermalogica Prescription facial is to hand choose,
from the extensive range of products, a mask to complete the treatment. I refer to the initial Face Mapping analysis to carefully select the correct mask to target and effectively treat the individual zones. Whilst the mask is taking the desired effect on your skin, I will massage your hands and nails. The mask is removed and your day products are then applied to bring the treatment to a close.
The result being a well nourished and hydrated skin, pores are redefined and visibly cleaner.

The Dermalogica Prescription facial is the perfect skin pick-me-up for anyone wanting to maintain or treat their skin. It is ideal for those clients wanting to address skin concerns and take time out to relax and unwind. The Face Mapping analysis allows me to accurately prescribe a thorough home care regime should you wish to continue the results at home.

Taryn’s Signature Facial
60 mins £70
75 mins £85
90 mins £100

January 2021
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